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Emotional Success

3 Blind Spots Costing Your Business Millions

…and how to fix them Most days, I’m a licensed psychotherapist based out of Tampa, Florida. Today, though, I’m wearing my business-consultant hat. I want ...
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Huge Business Benefits to Cold Plunging

For anybody who thinks cold plunges are stupid—like I once did Most days, I’m a body-based therapist in Tampa Bay. Today, though, I’ve got my ...
Mental Health Made Simple with a photo of Leah Benson, LMHC
Body Oriented Psychotherapy

Mental Health, Made Simple

Mental health is less complicated than you think—and it’s all about energy Warning: This is a long post. Stick with it, though, and you’ll know ...
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Self Awareness

How Therapy and Self-Reflection Can Make You Happier and More Successful

Therapy is Self-Reflection Therapy can make you happier and more successful because therapy is, among other things, a process of self-reflection. In fact, it’s like ...
Bioenergetic Exercise Class Video

Bioenergetic Exercise Class Video

Workout with me in this bioenergetic exercise class video where I show you physical exercises to build emotional strength and relieve stress. The 3 Basics ...
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Mind Body Psychotherapy

How People “Know It” When You’re Lying

When you’re lying to yourself or someone else, it’s obvious.   That’s because your speech is so closely associated with the rhythms and timing of ...
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Anger Management

Screaming into a Pillow Doesn’t Work

If you’ve followed my thinking for any length of time, this might sound like a total contradiction. But, screaming into a pillow doesn’t work. Let ...
4 Simple Steps to Well-Being

4 Simple Steps to Well-Being

What is Well-Being? In order to tell you the steps to well-being, we have to agree on what well-being is. So, let’s say well-being is: ...
When Bioenergetics Doesn't Work

When Bioenergetics Doesn’t Work

Some Truth about Bioenergetics Yes, folks. I’m suggesting that sometimes Bioenergetics doesn’t work. “How can that be?”, you might wonder,  “Don’t you believe in your product, ...
Improve Your Emotional Fitness

4 Bioenergetic Exercises to Improve Your Emotional Fitness

Emotional Fitness Defined I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say, everybody knows what physical fitness is. We all learned about it in grade school ...

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