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Emotional Success

3 Blind Spots Costing Your Business Millions

…and how to fix them Most days, I’m a licensed psychotherapist based out of Tampa, Florida. Today, though, I’m wearing my business-consultant hat. I want ...
Happy Thanksgiving - holiday family get-togethers
Emotional Workout

How to Use Holiday Family Get-Togethers to Become a “Better” Person

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Are you looking forward with excited anticipation to see the relatives this holiday season? No? Well, if not, here is a way ...
"Everyone should cultivate a secret garden" quote by Esther Perel. Leah Benson Therapy logo

You Should Have Secrets in Your Relationship

Why you should have secrets in your relationship. No, I don’t think it’s good to keep secrets in your relationship. Not the betrayal kind of ...
Leah Benson YouTube video, 2 Moves for Better Relationships

2 Moves for Better Relationships

Here are 2 moves for better relationships. They’re exercises you can do to get on the road to gaining the skills you’ll need. They might ...
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How to Get Over a Breakup That You Wanted

Getting over a breakup can be difficult You wanted to break up. You know they’re the wrong person. But waiting for all the feelings you ...
Should I stay married - Leah Benson Therapy Tampa
Couples Counseling

Should I Stay Married? There’s Nothing There

If you’re asking “should I stay married”… …because you woke up one day next to someone you don’t really know and aren’t sure you even ...
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Couples Counseling

3 Keys To Better Relationships

Let me get the hard news out of the way. If you want better relationships, you are going to have to start taking a good ... Blog Post Bloodlust

Bloodlust (Why We Like A Fight)

Why does this happen? Why do people perpetrate cruelty and violence on others or silently root for it as it goes on?
What is your attachment style

What’s Your Attachment Style?

Believe it or not, the way your parents interacted with you created your interpersonal style. In fact, it created your entire way of interacting with ...
The Importance of Forgiveness and Getting Over It
Body Oriented Psychotherapy

The Importance of Forgiveness and “Getting Over It”

John Gray of Mars/Venus fame tells us something Oprah once said to him in an interview; one of the biggest reasons forgiveness and “getting over ...

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