When Bioenergetics Doesn’t Work

Some Truth about Bioenergetics

Yes, folks. I’m suggesting that sometimes Bioenergetics doesn’t work.

“How can that be?”, you might wonder,  “Don’t you believe in your product, Leah?”

Yes, I do. But I need to make something about Bioenergetics very clear for you.

If your healing process requires some “relationship” work and you leave it out, or you don’t know that “relationship” work is part of what is going to help you reach your goals, then Bioenergetic bodywork alone is not ultimately going to bring you the peace of mind and reduction of anxiety you seek.

You are going to have to work with a therapist who knows how to do the “relationship” work.

It Works and Then It Doesn’t Work

Let’s say that you’ve been doing Bioenergetics for years. You’ve been doing the exercises on your own and going to workshops. But, you still find it difficult to stay calm and grounded for any length of time. Why, without any real “issues” going on in your life, do you still feel anxious and ungrounded? Why do you fall into that depressive funk still?

Why hasn’t all the yelling, hitting, crying or various other forms of expression helped you reach a place in life where you generally feel “good,” calm and/or centered most of the time?

Because building charge and discharging feelings is not all there is to Bioenergetic therapy.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s incredibly liberating and empowering to find your voice and to express pent-up feelings like rage, hysteria, pleasure, sadness, longing, mournfulness, etc.

But sometimes, often times, all that emotional charging and discharging becomes what’s called in psychology a “defense.” A “defense” against an awareness of other sensations inside you that are not so BIG and dischargey.

So, you hit a wall where the building and release of charge is a great experience itself, and you feel really good for a while. But then, in short order, you’re back to feeling anxious, depressed, confused, or overwhelmed.

And after 4 or 5 years, you’re going to start wondering why it doesn’t last. You’re going to wonder what’s missing, and you’re going to start searching again.

Temporary Relief or Long-Lasting Peace of Mind

If you find yourself at a place where the relief that Bioenergetic bodywork brings you is temporary, then you’re going to have to face the fact that there is more work you need to do.

And that is the “relationship” work. Which is really the most difficult work. Most people can’t handle it.

The reason you can’t achieve the peace of mind that you seek is because there are patterns of thinking and feeling that you live with, that fuel your inability to find peace of mind, that you haven’t uncovered.

These patterns were built in relationship and they must be changed in relationship. Only a relationship designed to help you uncover them is going to help you achieve that lasting peace of mind you seek.

Ready for lasting peace of mind? Contact me. We’ll talk.

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