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Research is bearing out the reality that the use of talk therapy alone as a method of facilitating lasting change has limitations for some people. For these individuals, body psychotherapy is the key. Bioenergetic analysis is a body psychotherapy developed in the 1950s, and it is the parent of nearly every other body psychotherapy method in use today.


For many people in need of anger management counseling, it can feel embarrassing to admit to having a problem. However, facing the fact that you have an anger problem is the first step towards regaining control of your temper. The symptoms of uncontrolled anger are wide ranging, but all tend to be related to how you deal with other people. For instance, you might be prone to yelling, shoving, crying, or threatening others.

Failing to deal with your anger issues can cause a whole host of other problems, which might range from insomnia and chronic fatigue to digestive problems and heart disease. In addition, anger management issues have a direct effect on all of your relationships. You can quickly end up alone if you continue to lash out at the people around you. In order to avoid all of these problems, you can seek professional help and address your out-of-control anger.

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Anyone struggling with problems that are addressed in traditional talk therapy can be helped with bioenergetic analysis – body psychotherapy. Issues addressed with body psychotherapy include, depression, anxiety, panic, anger problems, personality issues that interfere with relationships or work, identity issues, addiction and eating disorders, among others. If you have tried traditional talk therapy and found that it did not work for you, or if you have given up on medication, you may want to try body psychotherapy.


Much of traditional psychotherapy tends to work primarily with the conscious mind. Logic and rationality are taught and used to overcome and handle difficult emotional situations. Psychodynamic therapy and Psychoanalysis attempt to involve your unconscious feelings by using what is called “the transference,” to help you. Unfortunately, though highly effective, developing and using “the transference” can take a very long time. For some, the slow development and resolution of “the transference” is just the right pace. For others, the process can be too slow or cost prohibitive. Bioenergetic Analysis – Body Psychotherapy is a combination of the work of traditional psychotherapy’s logic, psychoanalytic understanding and use of “the transference,” and the use of “stress positions” and other work that involves the body and induces feelings immediately.

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The advantages of Bioenergetic Analysis – Body Psychotherapy are that through the use of stress positions and other body work, feelings are accessed immediately and are then useful in the psychotherapy process. 

The time it takes to gain understanding and then make any change you want is greatly minimized. Character, or “personality” problems can also be resolved with the use of body work and psychoanalysis. By releasing the chronic tensions that create your “character,” and gaining an understanding of your motivations, you ultimately have a more broad choice of actions in any given situation, rather than being locked in to responding “in character.”

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