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woman questioning emotional intelligence
emotional intelligence

Do I Have Low EQ? (Emotional Intelligence)

  Here’s how to tell if you have low Emotional Intelligence People with low emotional intelligence show several tell-tale signs: They are unable to accurately ...
Mindset for Entrepreneurs

Mindset for Entrepreneurs

The Importance of Mindset for Entrepreneurs From Employee to Entrepreneur – Speaker Summit Interview with Leah Benson, LMHC– Hosted by Dr. Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey This is ...
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Emotional Satisfaction

How to Feel Joy Anywhere and Anytime

When you can truly let your emotions move through you, anything can feel good. In contrast, if you chronically tense your body to block “unacceptable” ...
A rock in the middle of a dirt road is the metaphor for blocks to emotional success
Emotional Success

Emotional Success: How To Overcome Obstacles

What do I mean by emotional success? I mean – the ability to actually start doing things or stop doing things rather than talking about ...
Healthy Self-Confidence
Emotional Success

How To Improve Your Self-Confidence

Let’s face it, improving your self-confidence is not an easy task. You are going to have to rewire your brain significantly in order to achieve ...
peace of mind
Emotional Success

How To Get Peace Of Mind

You want Peace of Mind? Great! No problem. All you have to do is:
happy more often
Emotional Satisfaction

How To Feel Happy More Often

Do you ever find yourself thinking, I want to feel happy more often? If so, you've come to the right place. Happiness, it turns out, ...
can I be happy Leah Benson Therapy Tampa
Emotional Satisfaction

Can I Be Happy?

To answer the question, “can I be happy,” we have to first lay down a foundational definition of happiness, and then answer an important question.
Happiness Tampa -Leah Benson Therapy
Body Oriented Psychotherapy

Emotional Utopia: Fantasy, or… ?

Emotional Utopia. Isn’t Utopia a fantasy? It might be. But that depends on your definition of perfection.
why don't i like myself Leah Benson Thearpy
Anxiety Relief

3 Reasons Why You Don’t Like Yourself

Ever wondered, why don't I like myself? Don't worry. You're not the only one. The “real” reasons you don't like yourself go deeper. They're more ...

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