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The Metabolic Perspective of Mental Health

The Metabolic Perspective of Mental Health

  A Discussion on the Application of the Theory of Constructed Emotion to Bioenergetic Analysis hosted by the Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis “It is… …

Using Bioenergetics to Calm Your Mind
Bioenergetic Analysis - Body Psychotherapy

Calm Your Mind with Bioenergetics

How to Calm Your Mind with Bioenergetics Ever heard of bioenergetics? If not, you’re in for a real treat.  Because bioenergetics is one of the …

What is bioenergetic exercise?

What is Bioenergetic Exercise?

In 16-seconds or less – Bioenergetic exercise is about building awareness so that you can get better at self-regulation and being able to experience the …

Bioenergetic Exercise Class Video

Bioenergetic Exercise Class Video

Workout with me in this bioenergetic exercise class video where I show you physical exercises to build emotional strength and relieve stress. The 3 Basics …

You don't have to inhale to get high.
Anxiety Relief

You Don’t Have to Inhale to Get High

How to Manage Your Anxiety without Weed No, you don’t have to inhale get high. And I’m not talking about marijuana. I’m talking about getting …

bioenergetic therapy is like riding a roller coaster. Talk therapy is like talking about a roller coaster.
Bioenergetic Analysis - Body Psychotherapy

Bioenergetic Therapy for Effective Emotional Problem Solving

Why Bioenergetic Therapy is Better Than Talk Therapy The reason bioenergetic therapy is better than talk therapy is simple. It’s faster. And if you’re looking …

4 Simple Steps to Well-Being

4 Simple Steps to Well-Being

What is Well-Being? In order to tell you the steps to well-being, we have to agree on what well-being is. So, let’s say well-being is: …

When Bioenergetics Doesn't Work

When Bioenergetics Doesn’t Work

Some Truth about Bioenergetics Yes, folks. I’m suggesting that sometimes Bioenergetics doesn’t work. “How can that be?”, you might wonder,  “Don’t you believe in your product, …

Improve Your Emotional Fitness

4 Bioenergetic Exercises to Improve Your Emotional Fitness

Emotional Fitness Defined I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say, everybody knows what physical fitness is. We all learned about it in grade school …

The Best Psychotherapy and photo of sunflower
Bioenergetic Analysis

Why Bioenergetic Therapy is the Best Psychotherapy

There’s a Best Psychotherapy? How can I say that bioenergetic therapy is the best psychotherapy? I believe it. It’s that simple. Obviously, I’m biased because …


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