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"Dead Wrong Stories" with photo of Leah Benson, LMHC
Mental Health Therapy

Everything Your Therapist Says About the Nervous System is DEAD WRONG

Let’s ditch the myths in favor of some hard science. The other morning, I was scrolling on social media when I ran across a post ...
"Psychedelics for Mental Health: The Top 3 Things to Consider"
Anxiety Therapy

Psychedelics for Mental Health: The Top 3 Things to Consider

What to Think About When You’re Thinking About Psychedelics #1 – The psychedelics most commonly used for mental health  First, you have the so-called classical ...
The Metabolic Perspective of Mental Health

The Metabolic Perspective of Mental Health

  A Discussion on the Application of the Theory of Constructed Emotion to Bioenergetic Analysis hosted by the Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis “It is… ...
strict cancellation policy
Mind Body Psychotherapy

Why Is Your Cancellation Policy So Ridiculously Strict?

I haven’t done a blog on my ridiculously strict cancellation policy in a while. My Strict Cancellation Policy I do have a blog about it ...
Problems of the Mind
Bioenergetic Analysis - Body Psychotherapy

Problems of the Mind

It’s Not One Thing In problems of the mind, the first thing you need to understand is that nothing is singly determined. I’m sorry to ...
When You're Lying - photo of 2 cranes fighting in the air
Mind Body Psychotherapy

How People “Know It” When You’re Lying

When you’re lying to yourself or someone else, it’s obvious.   That’s because your speech is so closely associated with the rhythms and timing of ...
bioenergetic therapy is like riding a roller coaster. Talk therapy is like talking about a roller coaster.
Bioenergetic Analysis - Body Psychotherapy

Bioenergetic Therapy for Effective Emotional Problem Solving

Why Bioenergetic Therapy is Better Than Talk Therapy The reason bioenergetic therapy is better than talk therapy is simple. It’s faster. And if you’re looking ...
Why you have anxiety

Here’s Why You Have Anxiety

Obviously, I can’t tell you the exact story of why you have anxiety. You have a unique story. But the truth is … You probably ...
The Best Psychotherapy and photo of sunflower
Bioenergetic Analysis

Why Bioenergetic Therapy is the Best Psychotherapy

There’s a Best Psychotherapy? How can I say that bioenergetic therapy is the best psychotherapy? I believe it. It’s that simple. Obviously, I’m biased because ...
Photo of woman doing yoga
Bioenergetic Analysis

The Difference Between Yoga and Bioenergetic Therapy

What is the difference between yoga and bioenergetic therapy? First of all, bioenergetic therapy is therapy. It’s a type of psychotherapy and it is based ...

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