Bioenergetic Exercise Class Video

Workout with me in this bioenergetic exercise class video where I show you physical exercises to build emotional strength and relieve stress.

The 3 Basics of Bioenergetics

This bioenergetic exercise class video shows you 3 groups of basic bioenergetic exercises:

  1. Grounding
  2. Breathing
  3. Finding Your Voice

Doing these exercises sequentially is important in building emotional strength and stress relief.

Bioenergetic exercise is about building awareness of how you feel so that you can get better at self-regulation and being able to experience the joy and pleasures that life has to offer.

Benefits of Bioenergetic Exercise

In the words of Alexander Lowen, bioenergetic exercise allows you to:

  • Breathe deeply
  • Move freely
  • Feel fully

These exercises are not about how much you can do or how hard you can do it.

It’s all about noticing how you feel while you’re doing it. And building your capacity to feel.

That’s bioenergetics.

Click on my Bioenergetic Exercise Class Video below:

Applying This to Therapy

Combining bioenergetic exercise with psychoanalysis is a powerful way to achieve your goals.

Interested? Give me a call. We’ll talk.

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