4 Bioenergetic Exercises to Improve Your Emotional Fitness

Emotional Fitness Defined

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say, everybody knows what physical fitness is. We all learned about it in grade school P.E. class. So, I don’t really need to spell it out. But, I will anyway.

Among other things, physical fitness is comprised of:
• Strength
• Flexibility
• Power
• Balance
• Agility

Well, emotional fitness is no different. Therefore, to be emotionally fit, you need to be emotionally flexible, balanced, strong, powerful and agile.

How to get Emotionally Fit

To gain emotional strength, power, flexibility, balance, and agility, you’re going to need to train yourself.

Let’s face it, you’re going to have to release some rigidity, both mentally and physically. And most of what you’re going to do, to let go of that rigidity, is going to feel really weird and/or painful to you. Because you’re not emotionally fit.

So How Do You Start?

Well, there are lots of exercises you can do to get emotionally fit. But, let’s focus on four. Below are four basic exercises you can do to kickstart your emotional fitness routine with some intensity.

1. Expansive Breathing
2. Grounding
3. The Bridge
4. The Tantrum

Expansive Breathing Exercise
1. Expansive Breathing
Grounding Pose
2. Grounding Pose
Bridge Pose
3. The Bridge
Adult Tantrum Exercise
4. The Tantrum

As you do these exercises, stay present with your experience. Hence, notice how you react to them and how natural (or not) they feel to you. This “noticing” is an important part of the emotional fitness routine. It’s foundational. Meaning that emotional fitness is built upon a foundation of this “noticing.” It is what is commonly referred to as mindfulness, which is at the root of all self-improvement systems in the world.

As you get more familiar with the exercises and lose your inhibition to perform them with feeling, you will find that your emotional life gets more satisfying. It gets easier. Consequently, you will feel tenderness, stand up to emotional bullies, and enjoy the pleasures of your body more easily.

Henceforth, the emotional drama will not suck you in and you will find that life is just more satisfying.

Ready to get emotionally fit?

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