3 Blind Spots Costing Your Business Millions

…and how to fix them

Most days, I’m a licensed psychotherapist based out of Tampa, Florida. Today, though, I’m wearing my business-consultant hat. I want to show you 3 blind spots that are costing your business millions of dollars—and how to fix them. 

Most businesses have no idea what these blind spots are, or how costly they can be. But if you’re ready to take your business to the next level—by taking yourself to the next level—then stick around.

Blind Spot #1: Self-Sabotage

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The tricky thing about self-sabotage is that the very personality characteristics helping you succeed in some areas are the same ones that’ll sabotage you in others. 

For instance, many entrepreneurs focus obsessively on getting things done and succeeding. However, that tendency is the exact opposite of what you need in order to innovate the next phase of your business—or to enjoy the fruits of your labor, including time with family and friends. 

Or maybe you’re gifted with an open, flexible mind. Unfortunately, that open mind sometimes gets you into trouble when you don’t hold the line on expectations with the people who work for you. You get along great with people, but your flexibility of perspective is stopping you from ascending to the next level.  

Want to keep from losing money as a result of this blindspot? Get your head out of the sand, pronto. Start getting proactive and methodical about uncovering how your natural personality characteristics are sabotaging you. Because this is nearly impossible to do on your own, you’ll want to enlist the outside perspective of a therapist or coach.

Blind Spot #2: Fear of Success

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This might sound kind of dumb—and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so. Obviously you want to succeed. Otherwise, why would you even be in business? Believe it or not, it is totally possible for your progress to be drained by a hidden fear of success

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • What if I have to let go of some deeply-held beliefs about money, fairness, or how I fit in with my community? 
  • What if I don’t stay in alignment with my friends’ ideas about life and how the world works? 
  • What if achieving success means that the people you turn to for support don’t understand what you’re dealing with and can’t relate? 

If your stomach dropped while reading any one (or more) of these questions, what you have on your hands is a fear of success. 

To keep the fear of success from sneaking up on you, get yourself a skilled coach or mentor.

Blind Spot #3: Emotional-Social Influence

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Warning! The people you do business with sometimes have hidden agendas that will affect you. Oftentimes, even they aren’t aware that these agendas exist. 

Even when they’re longtime friends. 

Even when, on a surface level, it seems like they share your goals.




If a colleague’s words or behaviors don’t seem to align with your supposedly-similar goals—and, rather than talk things through to get back on track, they get angry—cut the line immediately. 

They do not have your best (business) interests at heart. 

In fact, they’re attempting to use emotional-social influence to keep you in alignment with their hidden agenda(s). 

Unless they can come clean and acknowledge their real motivations—and fast—your business is in serious peril. The power of emotional-social influence simply cannot be underestimated. It’s the adult version of a child throwing a tantrum so we’ll just cave in and give them what they want. 

If you do give in, you’ll have a monster on your hands…and a deficit in your bank account.

Consider yourself warned.

Take Action

Want help sorting through any of these blindspots?
Call me. We’ll figure it out.

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