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drawing of meditator thinking about strengthening their brain
Mental Health Therapy

Meditation and Mindfulness, Demystified

with 21st-century science Climbing on the mindfulness bandwagon is hard not to do these days. Meditation has gotten so popular that you can’t really ignore ...
photo of Leah Benson and "3 Ways to Unlock Your Mental Health Goals"
Mental Health Therapy

3 Keys to Unlocking Your Mental Health Goals

If you’re anything like me, you like to do things efficiently. Why should leveling up your mental health be any different?  Route #1: Talk therapy ...
photo of man in shock because of the words, "Emotions aren't real"
Mental Health Therapy

Psst: There’s no such thing as an emotion

Finally, make some meaning out of the sensations in your body Can you keep a secret?  Emotions aren’t real. Even more mind-blowing: That’s actually good ...
"Dead Wrong Stories" with photo of Leah Benson, LMHC
Mental Health Therapy

Everything Your Therapist Says About the Nervous System is DEAD WRONG

Let’s ditch the myths in favor of some hard science. The other morning, I was scrolling on social media when I ran across a post ...
Image saying: My review of this NYT article entitled Want to Fix Your Mind? Let Your Body Talk.
Mental Health Therapy

Is “Somatic Experiencing®” Psychotherapy…Or a Cult of Personality?

Is There a Place for Mysticism in Body-Based Therapy? Let’s unpack some utter nonsense I noticed in the New York Times article “Want to Fix ...
Mental Health Made Simple with a photo of Leah Benson, LMHC
Body Oriented Psychotherapy

Mental Health, Made Simple

Mental health is less complicated than you think—and it’s all about energy Warning: This is a long post. Stick with it, though, and you’ll know ...
Dear Polyvagal Theory, this is tough for me.

Sorry Poly (Vagal Theory), We’re Breaking Up

Breaking up with the polyvagal theory Have you ever spent a long time in what you thought was a pretty good relationship only to have ...
lady therapist discussing stress and cancer
Anger Management

Stress and Cancer are Related

Recently, I read an article by Mark J. Doolittle, PhD. He wrote it for the Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine. And in it, he wrote ...
failure to manage anger, a real American crisis
Adolescent Therapy

“Mental Health” Is Not The Problem, Failure to Manage Anger Is The Problem

“Mental health problems” do not lead to violence being perpetrated on society. A failure to manage anger does. We need to stop calling it a ...
you dont need a therapist tampa
Bioenergetic Analysis - Body Psychotherapy

You Don’t Need A Therapist

No, you don’t need a therapist. You’re not crazy and there’s nothing really wrong with you. But you’re not happy are you? Can you quit ...

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