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Photo of Leah Benson with the words, "Who Stands to Benefit from Ketamine-Assisted Therapy?"
Anxiety Therapy

Who Stands to Benefit From Ketamine-Assisted Therapy?

Ketamine-assisted therapy keeps gaining popularity. But is it right for YOU? Once simply known as the world’s most perfect anesthetic, ketamine is now earning another ...
"Psychedelics for Mental Health: The Top 3 Things to Consider"
Anxiety Therapy

Psychedelics for Mental Health: The Top 3 Things to Consider

What to Think About When You’re Thinking About Psychedelics #1 – The psychedelics most commonly used for mental health  First, you have the so-called classical ...
mountains out of molehills

Meditation for Those Making Mountains Out of Molehills

“If one’s imagination habitually makes mountains out of molehills, one may be flooded with unused energy most of one’s life.” from The Thinking Body by ...
Why you have anxiety

Here’s Why You Have Anxiety

Obviously, I can’t tell you the exact story of why you have anxiety. You have a unique story. But the truth is … You probably ...
Screaming into your pillow
Anger Management

Screaming into a Pillow Doesn’t Work

If you’ve followed my thinking for any length of time, this might sound like a total contradiction. But, screaming into a pillow doesn’t work. Let ...
Woman on a swing looking at sunset
Anger Management

We Are Story-Making Machines

Why Revisiting Your History in Therapy Makes Your Life Better Today Sometimes it’s hard to understand the point of revisiting your history in therapy. I ...
Photos of snow covered mountains with the quote, "The Paranoid Is Never Entirely Mistaken"
Anxiety Counseling

The Paranoid Is Never Entirely Mistaken

“The Paranoid Is Never Entirely Mistaken”                                       ...
Group Therapy video and blog by Leah Benson Therapy
Anxiety Counseling

Why Group Therapy?

Supercharge your confidence and overall self-improvement goals through Group Therapy When most people think of therapy, they don’t generally think of group therapy, which is ...
relieve anxiety - illustration of a snapped chain

How to Relieve Anxiety

As a mental health counselor, people ask me, “how can I relieve anxiety?” The easy answer is a list that looks something like this:

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