Why Is Your Cancellation Policy So Ridiculously Strict?

I haven’t done a blog on my ridiculously strict cancellation policy in a while.

My Strict Cancellation Policy

I do have a blog about it that is much more comprehensive than this, and nothing about it has changed. So, if you need more information. Please click HERE to read it.

But after reading Robert Greene’s book, “The Laws of Human Nature” I decided to address one particular aspect of human nature as it applies to my cancellation policy.

Getting sick

Robert Greene writes, “We must recognize the role willpower plays in our health. When we are depressed or unusually stressed, we become prey to all kinds of illnesses and ailments. Our attitude plays an enormous role in our health. One that science has begun to explore and will examine in more depth in the coming decades.”

So, you see. The cancellation policy is simply a reflection of this reality. (Among others).

It’s not that I am not an understanding person. Or that I believe you consciously “make yourself” sick so you won’t be able to make it to your appointment.

Believe it or not, I am understanding.

It’s just that my understanding includes not only empathy for your situation but a deep understanding of human nature. Including ambivalence, attitude and shifting priorities.

And sometimes, I’ll admit. It seems just plain “unfair” in certain circumstances. But I WILL make you responsible for any hour that your reserve. With no cancellation grace period and no rescheduling.

You might consider making the same policy in some of your own relationships.

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