Bioenergetic Therapy for Effective Emotional Problem Solving

Why Bioenergetic Therapy is Better Than Talk Therapy

The reason bioenergetic therapy is better than talk therapy is simple.

It’s faster.

And if you’re looking to solve an emotional or psychological problem, I bet you’d prefer to do it as fast as possible.

Bioenergetic dyad exercise
Bioenergetic dyad exercise

Lucky for you, you’ve stumbled upon bioenergetic therapy. And bioenergetic therapy is as fast as it gets. I mean, you could try Hypnotherapy if you want. The hypnotherapists suggest that they can help you in one fell swoop. And if that’s your jam, go see one.

The best guy I know in Tampa is Elvis Lester.

On the other hand, if you’ve tried that, or you don’t want to try it. You’re in the right place to solve your problem.

Here’s What Bioenergetic Therapy is Going to Do for You

Bioenergetic therapy is going to make it impossible for you to hide behind any rationalizations or “mind tricks” that are keeping you from getting to the truth of why you can’t solve your problem on your own. And it’s going to teach you tools to keep the problem at bay. Or eliminate the seed of that problem altogether, so it never comes back. Or, well, almost never.

The reality is that under extreme stress, we sometimes fall back into old habits. But it’s pretty rare once you understand and start using the tools of bioenergetics. That being said, you must be warned.

Bioenergetic Therapy is Effective Because it Makes You FEEL Stuff

If you want to stay comfortable, you may not want to try bioenergetic therapy. Because it isn’t some merry-go-round solution. It’s more like a roller coaster.

It’s fun. It’s exciting. And It’s really good at making you FEEL things.

Bioenergetic is like a roller coaster

And don’t worry. Just like there are lots of different roller coasters, there are lots of ways to proceed with bioenergetic therapy.

Sometimes, the feelings inside you can be overwhelming if you feel them too much, too fast. And the beauty of bioenergetic therapy is that it can be completely tailored to your needs and tolerance for feeling.

That can mean that speedy bioenergetic therapy might actually take longer than you want. But you can only go as fast as you can go. And that’s ok.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Some people can tolerate a LOT of feeling and others can barely feel any before they begin to get overwhelmed.

That’s why there is not one protocol in bioenergetic therapy. There are varying techniques and exercises that will work for you no matter what your tolerance level is.

Of course, if you’re completely unwilling to “get into your body” as we say in bioenergetic therapy, you won’t last long.

That’s because the “talking” part of bioenergetic therapy can only go on for so long before it gets to be time to get off the couch and get to work on solving the problem with bioenergetic interventions.

And if what you really need is for someone listen to you as you share how bad things are, that’s ok too. There are two reasons this might be your case.

When Talk Therapy is Really What You Want

talk therapy

If all you need therapeutically is an empathetic witness and a “container” for the pain you carry, you may not need all the power of bioenergetic therapy. You need a good, old-fashioned “client-centered” therapist who can do that for you. And that is a wonderful thing. Don’t get me wrong.

Being seen, felt, and understood goes a LONG way toward decreasing the stress we carry around from our everyday lives. And talk therapy can absolutely do that for you. It’s the foundational reason that therapy actually “works.” We are social animals and the first way we find equilibrium is by being socially engaged with someone who sees, feels and understands us. You might say, someone who “cares.”

Even in that case, there are bioenergetic techniques that will be useful to you. Exercises that you can use outside of therapy to calm yourself down when you get stressed out. So, don’t worry if you primarily want talk therapy. A bioenergetic therapist can definitely help you with that too.

When Defeating the Helper is What You Need

The second reason you might not want a bioenergetic therapist is a little counterintuitive. It doesn’t make logical sense, but here’s the deal. Sometimes what a person wants when they come to therapy is to prove that the therapist can’t help them.

Kind of weird, right? I know. But it’s true. And bioenergetic therapy sends that person out the door pretty quickly.

That’s because after the initial talking is over and it’s time to get to work, the person refuses to do any of the techniques that have been suggested.

They “say” they want a solution, and complain bitterly about their symptoms. But they refuse to “take the medicine” of the bioenergetic techniques. Even the gentlest ones like lying backward over a small pile of pillows with their arms overhead and breathing mindfully for 2 to 5 minutes.

lean-over-stack-o-pillows png
Expansive breathing technique

This person can’t be helped with a solution. They can only be helped by remaining in therapy and proving again and again that any solutions a therapist offers don’t work. They don’t know this, but it’s what they’re doing. The proof is in the fact that they will not even attempt bioenergetic solutions.

But no one wants to sit around in therapy and pay for that. So, they leave. Either from talk therapy believing that therapy doesn’t work. Or from bioenergetic therapy with some excuse about finances or competing obligations.

It’s impossible to run from the truth of your feelings in bioenergetic therapy. So, if you want a solution. You will find it there.

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