Here’s Why You Have Anxiety

Obviously, I can’t tell you the exact story of why you have anxiety. You have a unique story.

But the truth is …

You probably can’t tell ME the exact story of why you have anxiety either. And that is part of the solution. But more of that later.

What I CAN tell you is what’s going on in your body and mind and how you can deal with it.

What’s Going on in Your Body and Mind in Anxiety

why you have anxiety

Whether you experience anxiety as racing thoughts, the inability to make decisions, poor sleep, heart palpitations, constant worry, tense muscles, irritability, restlessness, agitation, avoiding social situations, or irrational fears; the same thing is going on in your body.

You are stuck in a high energy state that is unpleasant. And you’re telling yourself a story about that state that isn’t helping you feel better; i.e., “I’m anxious.”

What that means is that your body has more energy than is needed for the situation you’re in. And to feel better, you need to spend that energy or breathe in such a way that you slow your heart rate down.

Because, the chemicals and hormones flooding your body in a high energy state are downright useless for the situation you’re in.

Unless of course, you can change the story you’re telling yourself about this unpleasant high energy state and categorize it as, let’s say, determination instead of anxiety. Lisa Feldman Barrett tells the story of her daughter being very anxious about taking her martial arts exam. And her sensei tells her to take that energy and put her butterflies in formation.

Your Mind and Body are One

So, you can see how your mind and body are one; how you interpret the sensations of your body influences the way you feel.

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The Tricky Part of Getting Rid of Anxiety

why you have anxiety

Here’s the thing. There are many exercises and practices that will help you deal with anxiety. And they work!

But, unless you know the underlying story of why you are anxious, then all the tricks for getting rid of your chronic anxiety will only work for a while. And then stop working.

That’s because eliminating anxiety without getting to the source of the problem is like cleaning up water from a broken water heater. If you don’t turn off the flow at the source, you’re simply going to clean up that mess over and over again.

You have to stop harboring stories and beliefs in the recesses of your mind that smackdown your “inner peace.” and make a mess of your serenity.

So How Do You Figure Out the Underlying Story?

why you have anxiety

The route to discovering the keys to unlocking the grip anxiety has over you goes like this.

First, you let go of the idea that the answer is logical or rational to your adult perspective.

You accept that the answer is probably going to reveal something about you that you don’t want to know.

Then you learn to hear and understand the wisdom and answers that your body has to tell you.

It’s really that simple. Let go of your preconceived notions and accept the knowledge your body will reveal to you once you learn how to listen to it. And lastly, apply that wisdom in practical ways.

Want to get rid of your anxiety at the source?

Take action now and find out how to deal with this once and for all.
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