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The Best Psychotherapy and photo of sunflower

Why Bioenergetic Therapy is the Best Psychotherapy

There’s a Best Psychotherapy? How can I say that bioenergetic therapy is the best psychotherapy? I believe it. It’s that simple. Obviously, I’m biased because …

Responsible Stress Relief - Illustration of man doing bioenergetic exercise
Anger Management

Responsible Stress Relief

As you well know, it’s not okay to take out your frustrations on the world. So, where does that leave you? Probably stuck with so …

Photo of woman doing yoga
Therapy Process

The Difference Between Yoga and Bioenergetic Therapy

What is the difference between yoga and bioenergetic therapy? First of all, bioenergetic therapy is therapy. It’s a type of psychotherapy and it is based …

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Adult Tantrum – A Bioenergetic Exercise

Bioenergetic exercises are extra helpful because you discharge energy through both physical movement and verbal expression. You release more tension than you would if you …

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Therapy Process

Do You Need to be Physically Fit to do Bioenergetics?

Effective Ways to Modify Bioenergetic Exercises to Suit Your Needs Do you have to be physically fit to do bioenergetic therapy or body-based psychotherapy? No, …

Joy is your Birthright. Photo of a bee and flower.

Joy is your Birthright

Loosen up and feel joy All feelings are your birthright. Joy happens to be one that you lose as you age. That’s because you tighten …

What do you mean? Get into your body. Photo of Leah Benson. YouTube logo

What Do You Mean, Get Into Your Body?

What does it mean to “get into your body” in body psychotherapy? Here are a few of the many ways to do so: Standing vs. …

photo of Waddell Creek Beach, CA with a quote about body language

Body Language: The Original Mother Tongue

Sometimes there are no words, just a feeling That’s because the communications of the body are your original mother tongue. Before you spoke using words, …

Photo of Seine River in Paris with boats and a bridge. Quote by Alexander Lowen, "Criticizing from the point of view of a dogma is the sign of a closed mind"

The Sign of a Closed Mind

Criticizing from the point of view of a dogma is the sign of a closed mind. Do you have a closed mind? Dogma: An unyielding …

Friendly couple enjoying each others' company. Leah Benson Therapy logo on photo

Bioenergetic Therapy is the Best Therapy

Ok, I know I’m tooting my own horn with a title like that, but what I really want to do is tell you about something …


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