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What is Bioenergetic Therapy video

What is Bioenergetic Therapy?

  Your mind and body are not separate. Your body charges up with emotion and your mind registers this information; butterflies in your stomach, face …

New Smyrna, FL Lifeguard stand with quote by Alexander Lowen, "Love and Duty are Incompatible"

Duty and Love are Incompatible

“As we grow and develop, our love changes, embracing more of the world and maturing as we assume more responsibility for those we love. A …

1960's blue Ford pickup truck parked in the Old Northeast of St Petersburg with the logo of Leah Benson Therapy
Self Confidence

Stop Getting Used by People – Learn to Say No

Do you feel like a pushover? Can you say no? Are you ready to stop getting used by people? Don’t get me wrong. It feels …

Ponce de Leon Lighthouse with Lowen's quote about breathing

Seems Obvious, but Breathing IS the Most Important Thing in Life

It probably seems simple and obvious to state that breathing is important. But how you’re actually breathing day-to-day may need some attention. What seems like …

photo of Waddell Creek Beach, CA with a quote about body language

Body Language: The Original Mother Tongue

Sometimes there are no words, just a feeling That’s because the communications of the body are your original mother tongue. Before you spoke using words, …

Leah Benson with a Bioenergetic Breathing Stool and YouTube icon

What’s a Breathing Stool?

A breathing what? Yes, a bioenergetic breathing stool This specialized tool is designed to help you breathe more fully and deeply. Doing so gives you …

Friendly couple enjoying each others' company. Leah Benson Therapy logo on photo

Bioenergetic Therapy is the Best Therapy

Ok, I know I’m tooting my own horn with a title like that, but what I really want to do is tell you about something …

What is Body Psychotherapy LEAH BENSON smiling

What is Body Psychotherapy?

What is body psychotherapy? What is body psychotherapy all about and what can you expect to do when you come to my office? First off, …

Bioenergetics is an Adventure in Self-discovery, quote by Alexander Lowen.Seated man overlooking the sea.

Bioenergetics is an Adventure in Self-discovery

“Bioenergetics is an adventure in self-discovery.”  Alexander Lowen Like most therapy, bioenergetic practices can help you discover more about yourself on a deep level. Why …

failure to manage anger, a real American crisis
Anger Management

“Mental Health” Is Not The Problem, Failure to Manage Anger Is The Problem

“Mental health problems” do not lead to violence being perpetrated on society. A failure to manage anger does. We need to stop calling it a …


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