Duty and Love are Incompatible - Leah Benson Therapy
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Duty and Love are Incompatible

New Smyrna, FL Lifeguard stand with quote by Alexander Lowen, "Love and Duty are Incompatible"

Duty and Love are Incompatible

“As we grow and develop, our love changes, embracing more of the world and maturing as we assume more responsibility for those we love. A loving person loves life, and all that is alive and everything that sustains life. It is this love that furthers the ongoing process of life: human, animal, and plant.

Responsibility doesn’t mean being burdened or being obligated. It means responding with love, but never as a duty. Duty and love are incompatible, since love is the response of a free man whose duty, if anything is to be a loving person.”

Excerpt from Love, Sex, and Your Heart by Alexander Lowen

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