What's a Breathing Stool? - Leah Benson Therapy
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What’s a Breathing Stool?

What’s a Breathing Stool?

A breathing what? Yes, a bioenergetic breathing stool

This little darling is used to help you breathe more fully and deeply. Doing so gives you more energy and can lift your mood.

Proceed with caution:

Using the breathing stool can also bring up emotions of sorrow and longing, since you will be opening up the chest area around your heart.

The goal of using this tool is to access pent up emotions and integrate them with the narrative in your mind.

Breathing is the most important thing in life. You don’t breathe, you’re not alive,” said Dr. Alexander Lowen, who invented the breathing stool.

Want to focus on the important things in life? Give me a call. We’ll talk…and breathe.