Body Language: The Original Mother Tongue - Leah Benson Therapy
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Body Language: The Original Mother Tongue

photo of Waddell Creek Beach, CA with a quote about body language

Body Language: The Original Mother Tongue

Sometimes there are no words, just a feeling

That’s because the communications of the body are your original mother tongue.

Before you spoke using words, you communicated via eye contact, facial expression, tone of voice, posture, gesture, intensity and timing.

The truth is, you still communicate in these ways. But you often deny the value of non-verbal communications. Or, you value words more than the non-verbals that come with them.

To value words over feelings denies the fact that words are simply representations of your original mother tongue, body language. It also denies that words can be used to misrepresent the reality of body language.

Learn to value your original mother tongue, and gain the ability to see yours and others’ truths quickly and easily.

Bioenergetics can help you relearn the language of your body, your original mother tongue. Call me. We’ll talk, and I’ll teach you how.


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