Bioenergetic Therapy is the Best Therapy

best kind of therapy LEAH BENSON THERAPYOk, I know I’m tooting my own horn with a title like that,

but what I really want to do is tell you about something more important than whether I think Bioenergetics is the best kind of therapy.

I read a quote recently that I want to share with you. It goes like this:

Research findings support this focus:

Personality and relationship variables consistently show a greater influence on outcome than type of treatment.

What that means is that it doesn’t matter if I think Bioenergetics is the best kind of therapy, or if someone else thinks that another kind of therapy is the best kind.

What matters, and what “influences outcome,” is the match of your personality and your therapist’s personality and what happens in the relationship that develops between you.

That’s because aside from whatever kinds of techniques different therapies offer you to help you gain relief from any symptoms you might be having, they are all built around a relationship. And there’s a reason that’s relevant.

You have three basic nervous system states you can be in. One is anxious, one is depressed or withdrawn, and the other is “socially engaged.”

This last nervous system state, socially engaged, is the one wherein you feel good. Your heart rate is regular, you’re breathing deeply, you can look people in the eye, and you can have two-way conversations and tune out all those “squirrels.” You feel happy and active. You’re interested in things and the world is safe. You can have fun, and you feel peaceful. You are mindful of your experiences and can connect with others. You are organized, you follow through with plans, and you take care of yourself. You take time to play, enjoy things, and engage with others. You feel productive at work, you can regulate your feelings and you have a sense that things are manageable. You have a healthy heart, regulated blood pressure, and a healthy immune system. Your digestion is good, you get quality sleep, and you have an overall sense of well-being.

Positive relationships, it is now known, are the quickest way to get your nervous system into that “socially engaged” state.

What that means is that though lots of different therapies can teach you lots of different techniques to manage the unpleasant symptoms of anxiety or depression, nothing shows a “greater influence on outcome” than being engaged in a relationship with someone who “sees” you, “gets” you, wants the best for you, and sometimes goes “above and beyond” to help you get what you want.

Unfortunately, many people never get to the stage where they get deep into “using” the relationship to help them “get better”. But that’s why a therapy like Bioenergetics is useful. In Bioenergetics, you learn powerful and effective methods for managing symptoms, and quickly getting to the bottom of specific issues.

Want to know more about the best kind of therapy? Give me a call. We’ll talk.

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