You Don’t Have to Inhale to Get High

How to Manage Your Anxiety without Weed

No, you don’t have to inhale get high. And I’m not talking about marijuana. I’m talking about getting high on life. 

And by high on life, I mean feeling relaxed, happy, and energetic.

The reason I even mention weed is this. If you’ve ever suffered from anxiety, you probably know or have been told that for many people, marijuana is actually a good way to manage anxiety.

And for some people that might be true. But for others, it’s just not. At all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

you don't have to inhale to get high

So, if you don’t want to use weed to feel relaxed and happy, for whatever reason, but you do want to feel relaxed and happy and you can’t, read on.

you don't have to inhale to get high

In internal respiration, oxygen is taken into the body cells in the expiratory phase of the breathing rhythm.

from The Thinking Body by Mabel Elsworth Todd

You Don’t Have to Inhale to Get High

One of the ways you can feel more relaxed and happy is to improve your breathing. Which might make you think that you need to focus a whole lot on inhaling. But that’s not true AT ALL!

It so happens that to improve your breathing, you don’t really have to think about or INHALE with any purposeful intent. Your body is going to take care of that for you.

That’s because the inhaling part of breathing is actually best facilitated by EXHALING. All the way.

And bonus: there’s a magical process that goes on inside your body that increases your energy level as you exhale.

It’s called internal respiration. And it occurs at the cellular level when you exhale.

And that’s important because it’s during that process that the oxygen is going from your blood into your cells and giving them the oxygen they need to make the energy you need.

When that happens your body burns a hotter fire and you are more vitally alive.

you don't have to inhale to get high

The other bonus of EXHALING is that when you exhale, you stimulate the “rest and relaxation” branch of your central nervous system.

In other words, by EXHALING, should you choose to do it intentionally, you can be transported to a happy place. A place where you feel good in your body.

And you will be full of energy to boot.

That’s why, after people finish any expansive breathing exercise in my office, they feel relaxed and energized.

You too can experience this Shangri-La of physiological state if you begin to practice anything that makes you focus on your exhale for long periods of time. 

you don't have to inhale to get high
Bioenergetic Expansive Breathing Exercises

I personally like the breathing stool or stability ball expansive breathing exercise as seen in this video. Click HERE to watch.

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