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unexpressed emotions stress the muscles

Unexpressed Emotions are a Stress on the Muscles

Did anyone ever tell you that if you didn’t “get that look off your face” it would stick that way? Well, they weren’t all wrong …

Controllling your anger
Anger Management

The Secret to Controlling Your Anger

It’s not “mental health.” It’s uncontrolled anger. Since the general term “mental health” is being erroneously substituted in discussions lately for the specific problem of …

Photo of St Pete Beach with quote, "Deep change is much more than finding a comfortable role or playing better games."

Deep Change Comes From Within

Deep Change is Much More ThanFinding a Comfortable Role or Playing Better Games Going to therapy to get better at playing the role of a good …

Photo of a better relationship; smiling loving happy couple. woman kissing man
Couples Counseling

3 Keys To Better Relationships

Let me get the hard news out of the way. If you want better relationships, you are going to have to start taking a good …

Primate confined. Why happiness is so elusive

2 Reasons Why Happiness Is So Elusive For Most People

If you want to know why happiness is so elusive, I have some good news. Contrary to what you might believe: Happiness is not really …

happy more often
Emotional Success

How To Feel Happy More Often

Do you ever find yourself thinking, I want to feel happy more often? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Happiness, it turns out, is completely attainable.

can I be happy Leah Benson Therapy Tampa
Emotional Success

Can I Be Happy?

To answer the question, “can I be happy,” we have to first lay down a foundational definition of happiness, and then answer an important question.

win at life - Leah Benson Therapy
Life Mastery

The Way To “Win” At Life

I’ll tell you simply. The way to win at life is to discover and give in to all the feelings in your body.

self confidence - Leah Benson Therapy
Self Confidence

How To Build Self Confidence

You want self confidence? That solid feeling of trust in who you are, what you can do, and the decisions you make? Here’s how you get it

change your feelings - blog title - a photo of hoover dam
Self Knowledge

You Will Never Change Your Feelings By Using Your Mind

A myth that many people believe is the idea that with enough rational thinking and logic it is possible to change the way they feel. Unfortunately, it’s just not true.


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