The Way To “Win” At Life

I’ll tell you simply.

The way to win at life is to discover and give in to all the feelings in your body.

Don’t like the sound of that?

Better to stop reading now. Click away from this blog and keep searching.

But if you can muster the courage to consider what I’m saying, you will soon be on the path to enjoying your life, and truly experiencing more “good times” than you ever imagined possible.

Find the Feelings Inside

Let me clarify. Giving in to your feelings does not mean yelling at someone, crying in public or venting your rage through anything like physical violence or shooting guns. Those would be ill-advised choices. It means that you spend the time to find the feelings inside that motivate your poor choices, your inability to have emotionally rich intimate relationships, and your inability to enjoy your life to the fullest.

These things: making poor choices, the inability to have satisfying long-term intimate relationships, and the inability to enjoy your life to the fullest is always driven by unconscious emotions. And beliefs. This means that voluntarily finding the feelings to “give in” to is not an easy task.


One reason it’s not easy is that these are always feelings you don’t want to feel. You don’t want to feel them because they make you think you’re stupid. Or babyish. Or weak. Or deserving of ridicule. These are the feelings that you put out of your conscious awareness so well that there is no way you have them…

At least this is what you think. I guarantee it.

It’s inevitable. If you come to see me, you will use all manner of persuasion to convince me that you don’t have these feelings. Thankfully I know better. And I know that to help you find them takes time. And I know that if I’m ever going to help you become conscious of them and let them out I have to create a situation where you feel “safe” enough to do so.

How that happens is the subject of another blog. But if you want to learn more about the method I use to help you win at life, call me. We’ll talk.

p.s. You can also download a copy of the introduction of my book, Emotional Utopia. The book is all about the method I use to help people stop searching for happiness and start living it. In other words, it’s a step-by-step about how I can help you “win” at life. Check it out.

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