How To Feel Happy More Often

Do you ever find yourself thinking, I want to feel happy more often?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Happiness, it turns out, is completely attainable.

Whether you call it, happiness, peace of mind, emotional satisfaction, or Emotional Utopia, (like I do in my book of the same title), it is achievable.

You can also start doing the things you say you want to start, and stop doing the things you say you want to stop. You can be free from the emotional manipulations of other people and from your negative self-talk. You can have enjoyable relationships with your family and co-workers. And you can feel satisfied with who you are, deep down, in that private place, where you question yourself.

Simple moments in life can fill you with wonder and joy. They can become constant emotionally satisfying moments that fill your day.

Here’s the secret to feeling happy more often.

You feel more.

Yes, it’s that simple. The way to feeling happy more often is to feel more.

I know that might seem a bit simplistic, but let me explain further. Because of the way our body works, something has to actually move for us to feel anything. Energy has to move in order for us to register sensation in consciousness.

When you can truly let your emotions move through you, anything can feel good. In contrast, if you chronically tense your body (which most of us do to a greater or lesser degree) to block old, unreleased, unpleasant feelings that you’d rather not feel, you aren’t going to feel the simple joys in life either.

The way to reach happiness and emotional satisfaction is by letting go of chronic muscular contractions that are holding you back from experiencing the good feelings.

Of course, this is easier said than done.

We all learned how to groom ourselves as children to get rid of the build-up of residue from everyday life. But nobody ever taught us how to get rid of psychological and emotional build-up manifested as chronic muscular contractions.

And that’s where a good method for getting rid of psychological build-up comes in handy.

Chapter 8 of my book, Emotional Utopia, provides descriptions and illustrations of a few basic poses and actions you can practice to diminish the chronic muscular contractions that are holding you back from a happier life. If you are interested in getting a copy of the chapter, feel free to contact me at this link for an electronic copy.

If you’re interested in learning more about my method for helping you achieve lasting happiness, visit Emotional Utopia to download a free copy of the introduction to Emotional Utopia: Stop Searching For Happiness And Start Living It, or follow the link to Amazon and purchase a copy.

Emotional Utopia, the book by Leah Benson, LMHC

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