Unexpressed Emotions Can Stress the Muscles - Leah Benson Therapy
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Unexpressed Emotions are a Stress on the Muscles

unexpressed emotions stress the muscles

Unexpressed Emotions are a Stress on the Muscles

Did anyone ever tell you that if  you didn’t “get that look off your face” it would stick that way? Well, they weren’t all wrong because unexpressed emotions can stress the muscles.

When you force yourself to hold in a feeling by contracting your muscles, you train them to stay that way. And when you do it for long enough, those contractions won’t go away on their own.

Only by allowing your emotions to move through you on a regular basis will you remain relaxed and feel peaceful inside.

If you’re having trouble letting your emotions move through at an appropriate time and place, check out my video about 2 Moves to Control Your Emotions, or grab a copy of my best selling book, Emotional Utopia, on Amazon and read chapter 8 to learn how.