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What Is Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and Who is it For?

Have you heard about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) yet? Yes, the “horse tranquilizer.” And no, it’s not like that… Ketamine is actually a well understood, ...
insomnia - sleepless man in bed at night

Insomnia and its Relationship to Your Mental Health

INSOMNIA – IS IT MENTAL OR PHYSICAL? It probably comes as no surprise to you that insomnia can be related to your mental health. But, ...
5 Strategies to Relieve Holiday Stress - photo of holiday party.
Anger Management

5 Strategies to Relieve Holiday Stress

Feeling stressed out by the holidays? And you’re not sure you’re going to be able to make it a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year ...
What is Transference?
Mental Health

What is Transference?

What is transference and why should you care about it? Well, it means you are taking ideas and expectations from your past and putting them ...
"Our own value and lovability are among the lessons that we don't remember learning, but never forget" quote by Louis Cozolino - photo of a colorful garage and palm trees.
Mental Health

Our Own Value and Lovability are Among the Lessons that We Don’t Remember Learning, but Never Forget

Our own value and lovability are among the lessons that we don’t remember learning, but never forget. This is a line from an amazing book ...
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Suicide – The Dark Outcome of Shame and Isolation

How could this be? We’ve all been faced with two reports of celebrity suicide in the last week. Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, both beloved ...
Integrity is the essence of everything successful. Quote by R. Buckminster Fuller. Photo of lioness
Life Mastery

Integrity is the Essence of Everything Successful

Why integrity is the essence of everything successful. Of course, you know that integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. ...
white text on black background depicting the definition of Mindfulness
Mental Health

Mindfulness – Not Just for Hippies

Mindfulness is a buzzword right now. It calls up images of “seekers” sitting cross-legged and touching their fingertips. But really, you can practice mindfulness anywhere, ...
Pensive man sitting alone and looking at a group of friends. Text says LEAH BENSON THERAPY
Developmental Trauma

Why Groups are Good for your Mental Health

To explain why group sessions are good for your mental health, I first need to tell you some basic things about your evolutionary history, your ...
Photos of snow covered mountains with the quote, "The Paranoid Is Never Entirely Mistaken"
Anxiety Counseling

The Paranoid Is Never Entirely Mistaken

“The Paranoid Is Never Entirely Mistaken”                                       ...

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