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Integrity is the Essence of Everything Successful

Integrity is the essence of everything successful. Quote by R. Buckminster Fuller. Photo of lioness

Integrity is the Essence of Everything Successful

Why integrity is the essence of everything successful.

Of course, you know that integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. That’s why the essence of everything successful is built on it. You can’t build a strong foundation and structure on shifting sands.

The thing about integrity is that it’s not simply about honesty and moral principles.

What integrity means in mental health.

Integrity is also the state of being “whole and undivided.”

Mental health is the state of a “whole and undivided” mind and body. Your ability to be honest and have strong moral principles is based in the literal integration of the various parts of your mind and body.

When you are unaware of, or deny, your authentic impulses, the integrity of your mental health is at stake.  It means that certain parts of your brain are not “wired together” strongly. They are not integrated with your conscious mind.

When this happens, your are not functioning as “whole and undivided.”

How therapy helps you have more integrity and become more successful.

When your mind and body are not “whole and undivided,” you are unable to be completely honest and live by strong moral principles. The split or separation between parts and/or people in your life makes this impossible.

If integrity is the essence of everything successful, then success is built on creating linkages in yourself and between you and others. Therapy is all about creating linkages–between parts of your brain and between two or more people.

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