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unexpressed emotions stress the muscles

Unexpressed Emotions are a Stress on the Muscles

Did anyone ever tell you that if you didn’t “get that look off your face” it would stick that way? Well, they weren’t all wrong …

Photo of the Alabama Hills with the quote, "Ailments have Correlating Emotional Issues"

Ailments Have Correlating Emotional Issues

Understanding the connection between physical ailments and emotional issues can be as simple as understanding that depression will lower your metabolism. A good way to …

Controllling your anger
Anger Management

The Secret to Controlling Your Anger

It’s not “mental health.” It’s uncontrolled anger. Since the general term “mental health” is being erroneously substituted in discussions lately for the specific problem of …

failure to manage anger, a real American crisis
Anger Management

“Mental Health” Is Not The Problem, Failure to Manage Anger Is The Problem

“Mental health problems” do not lead to violence being perpetrated on society. A failure to manage anger does. We need to stop calling it a …

Young boy pointing a toy pistol near the camera. Text says LEAH BENSON THERAPY
Child Development

How Can a Kid Kill?

With all the speculation out there right now about “mental health” and its relationship to mass shootings, I decided to answer the question, how can …

can I be happy Leah Benson Therapy Tampa
Emotional Success

Can I Be Happy?

To answer the question, “can I be happy,” we have to first lay down a foundational definition of happiness, and then answer an important question.

LeahBensonTherapy.com Blog Post Bloodlust

Bloodlust (Why We Like A Fight)

Why does this happen? Why do people perpetrate cruelty and violence on others or silently root for it as it goes on?

you dont need a therapist tampa
Life Coaching

You Don’t Need A Therapist

No, you don’t need a therapist. You’re not crazy and there’s nothing really wrong with you. But you’re not happy are you? Can you quit what you want to quit and start what you want to start?

emotions never die
Mental Health Triggers

Be Cautious About What You Hide

Be cautious about what you hide. “Unexpressed emotions will never die.They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” Sigmund Freud Are …

What is your ACE score?

What is your ACE score?

What is your ACE score? “As the ACE study has shown, child abuse and neglect is the single most preventable cause of mental illness, the …


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