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Mental Health

Why Mental Problems Seem Like Such a Mystery

It’s Not “Genetic” Popular culture likes to believe that mental problems are the result of bad genes or a person being a “bad seed.” Or …

Photo of a burnt tree trunk with the text, An Absence of Feeling is Pathological

An Absence of Feeling is Pathological

It’s not “tough” to feel nothing Healthy relationships, a healthy body and a joyful life require that you feel. An absence of feeling is no …

Pensive man sitting alone and looking at a group of friends. Text says LEAH BENSON THERAPY
Group Therapy

Why Groups are Good for your Mental Health

To explain why therapy groups are good for your mental health, I first need to tell you some basic things about your evolutionary history, your …

Young boy pointing a toy pistol near the camera. Text says LEAH BENSON THERAPY
Child Development

How Can a Kid Kill?

With all the speculation out there right now about “mental health” and its relationship to mass shootings, I decided to answer the question, how can …

Trauma and Mindfulness

Trauma And Mindfulness: What Are They And Why Do We Keep Hearing About Them?

If you are looking for help with your emotions or behavior (and you’re searching the internet for insight) you’re probably seeing those words everywhere. They are among the most common and popular words in the self-help and therapy worlds right now. So, what do they mean?

What is Trauma

What Is Trauma?

When you think, “trauma,” I bet you picture the emergency room in a hospital. Head injuries, blood, stuff like that. While that is definitely trauma, it’s not what we mean in the therapy world.


Emotional Utopia Book by Leah Benson, Tampa Licensed Psychotherapist
Emotional Utopia Book by Leah Benson, Tampa Licensed Psychotherapist


Guiding Highly Motivated Individuals, Couples, and Groups to Peak Emotional Success

No matter what emotional success means to you – feeling happier more often, gaining greater peace of mind, having better relationships, saving your marriage, getting control of your emotions, overcoming an obstacle, or improving your self-confidence – you’ve come to the right place. Leah Benson will take you through her innovative, effective, and proven method to the results you’re looking for.

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