You Don’t Need A Therapist

Do you need a therapist?

No, you don’t need a therapist. You’re not crazy and there’s nothing really wrong with you. But you’re not happy are you? Can you quit what you want to quit and start what you want to start? If not, who you gonna call? …that’s right, not the Ghostbusters.

Here’s the deal: Hiring a therapist is for someone seriously committed to getting what they want out of life. Self-help books, yoga, exercise, mindfulness, and meditation are great. They will move you a long way toward deepening your ability to self-reflect and managing your emotions. This is important stuff.

But are you happy?

And how are your INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS? Changing these things requires commitment.

Research repeatedly shows that without intention, you are much less likely to achieve your goals. But without commitment, you are much more likely to give up before you get there. By hiring a therapist, you make a commitment to getting what you say you want.

Never quit something with great long-term potential just because you can’t deal with the stress of the moment.

Seth Godin is a prominent business blogger. For a business guy, he sure hits on a lot of important points for people who want more out of their life, not just out of their businesses.

For instance, Seth wrote The Dip, which is about how to know when to quit (and when to stick). In it, he says, “Never quit something with great long-term potential just because you can’t deal with the stress of the moment.”

That’s what happens. You intend to do something about your emotional life, you start to feel a little better, and then, BOOM. You hit some stress, things get hard, and you revert to your old ways.

Only by committing to a process that will change your brain in the ways necessary for you to get what you want will you make it through the dip and become the best, most successful, vibrant version of yourself you can be.

What to know more about a method that will help you reach your highest potential and live a vibrant, energetic life?

Call me. We’ll talk.

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