Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

There are lots of different types of therapy out there. And there are even more “non-therapy” techniques designed to help you change the way you think, act, or feel. The bottom line of all of them is that you and another person, (either in-person or through a product) are working to help you get more satisfaction out of life than you are currently getting by:

  1. Helping you figure out WHY you are doing something.
  2. Helping you develop and perfect willful strategies against the thoughts, behaviors, or feelings that are undermining you.

The problem is, neither of these is necessarily going to help you get the satisfaction you are looking for.

That’s because knowing why you do something isn’t necessarily going to keep you from doing it. And no matter how good your strategies are against problematic thoughts, behaviors or feelings, under stress, they fail.

So what do you do?

You try something different. Body-oriented psychotherapy is about as different as you can get when it comes to therapy.

What is body-oriented psychotherapy?

It’s a method of therapy where you focus on the feelings in your body as a part of the process. You don’t just talk about what’s in your head, you also talk about what’s happening in your body.

For some people, feeling and talking about what’s happening in their bodies is a foreign concept. The experience will be unfamiliar and awkward. That’s ok. Awkward and unfamiliar is the beginning of normal and regular.

Why focus on your body?

The reason you want to focus on your body is because that focus is the foundation of how you create new automatic patterns in your brain. When you have new automatic patterns in your brain, in the face of stress, your thinking and behavior are different. You are better able to handle your feelings without having to think about it.

Automatic control over yourself is your ultimate goal. You don’t want to have to think about “acting right.” Otherwise, you waste valuable energy on “controlling” your actions and worrying about what you think and the way you feel.

You want to feel good, be productive, be able to relax and enjoy your life, and have fun with the people you love. If you can’t do that right now, the quickest path there is through body-oriented psychotherapy.

Want to learn more? Call me. We’ll talk.

p.s. Get a free copy of the introduction to my book, Emotional Utopia, Stop Searching For Happiness And Start Living It. In it, you will learn a lot more about body-oriented psychotherapy.

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