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Therapy should involve your body - Leah Benson Therapy Tampa
Bioenergetic Analysis - Body Psychotherapy

Therapy Should Involve Your Body

The reason therapy should involve your body is because you want results. In order to get results that last, you need to feel. In order to feel, you have to involve your body.

Therapy is weird Leah Benson Therapy Tampa
Mental Health Therapy

Let’s Face It, Therapy Is Weird. Here’s Why.

An example I found from a Google search sums it up.

body-mind psychotherapy
Bioenergetic Analysis - Body Psychotherapy

Get Out of Your Head! Body-Mind Psychotherapy to the Rescue

I know it sounds kinda weird, body-mind psychotherapy. You are supposed to talk about your feelings in therapy, right? What does that have to do with your body?

does therapy really work
Psychotherapy Tampa

Does Therapy Really Work?

Of course it does. But, you knew I was going to say that. I’m a therapist, after all.

What is Psychotherapy at Leah Benson Therapy?
Mental Health Therapy

What is Psychotherapy at Leah Benson Therapy

When you Google, “what is psychotherapy,” you will find that the first entry out of more than 29 million search results is this simple definition, “the treatment of mental disorder by psychological rather than medical means.” While this definition is partly accurate, it doesn’t help you understand what it is that a therapist will be doing with you in therapy.

Why Self-Help Books Are Not Psychotherapy
Mental Health Therapy

Why Self-Help Books Are Not Psychotherapy

Thinking you will get therapeutic results by reading self help books is like thinking you will see a change in your body by reading a book about working out. Getting fit or sculpting your body requires you to take action, and so does overcoming an emotional difficulty or becoming a master of your emotional universe.

why you need psychotherapy is to be a master of your emotional universe. Shown are two masters
Bioenergetic Analysis

Why You Need Psychotherapy Even If You Think You Don’t

Psychotherapy is not just for people who have “problems.” Psychotherapy is also for people who want to be masters of their emotional universe.

why cant i find a satisfying relationship
Mental Health

Why Can’t I Find A Satisfying Relationship?

The first thing you have to ask yourself when you wonder why you can’t find a satisfying relationship is, “Am I satisfied with myself?”

How Long Does Therapy Take
Bioenergetic Analysis - Body Psychotherapy

How Long Does Therapy Take?

As a counselor I am often asked, How long does therapy take? Unfortunately, I don’t have a simple answer for this question. Therapy, counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis or whatever else you want to call it, can take a very short time or it can take a very long time.

How Do I Find a Good Therapist?
Psychotherapy Tampa

How Do I Find a Good Therapist?

As a mental health counselor, I am often asked, “How do I find a good therapist?”


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