Why Group Therapy for Self-Improvement? | Leah Benson Therapy
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Why Group Therapy?

Why Group Therapy?

Supercharge your confidence and overall self-improvement goals through Group Therapy

When most people think of therapy, they don’t generally think of group therapy, which is unfortunate because group therapy is a powerful and effective way to reach your self-improvement goals.

Group therapy also has a number of benefits that individual therapy doesn’t:

1. It’s a little more like real life since you’re with “regular” people instead of just a therapist, so you have more chances to get “triggered,” which allows you to more quickly understand and work through your “issues”.

2. Your therapist sees more about how you function with “regular” people, which allows them to help you more effectively.

3. You learn from seeing other people do their work.

4. All group members are equally vulnerable which normalizes vulnerability.

5. The group members provide you with more feedback and perspective than one therapist can.

6. The understanding and support you get from group members is a valuable resource you have to take with you back into the “real” world.

7. It’s more affordable.

When you enter group therapy, whether it is to address depression, anxiety, anger, self-confidence, personal growth, social skills or anything else, you are going to see how you “do” whatever it is you “do,” better than you can see it in any other way.

“Seeing” yourself is called mindfulness, and anything you get better at, including being a better you, begins with mindfulness. Mindfulness, by the way, is a scientifically validated concept, and is at the foundation of every path to happiness and peace-of-mind that exists.

Group Therapy Improves Self-Confidence, Leah Benson Therapy Another great thing about group is that it is like mindfulness on steroids.

That’s because not only are you in the process of being mindfully aware of how you do things, there are also several other people being mindfully aware of how you do things and sharing that insight with you.

That last thing, where people are being mindfully aware of you… I know that might sound a little intimidating.

Just remember, everyone in the group is in the same boat. The spirit of feedback in a healthy group is observation and exploration, not judgment. And, of course, I’m there to help the group keep in mind the goals of observation and exploration.

If you’re looking for a great way to supercharge your self-improvement, consider group therapy. You won’t regret it.

If you want to know more about group therapy or join a group, give me a call. We’ll talk.