Adult Tantrum – A Bioenergetic Exercise

Bioenergetic exercises are extra helpful because you discharge energy through both physical movement and verbal expression. You release more tension than you would if you were to use one or the other on its own.

An active tension-releasing exercise is what I call the adult tantrum.

This therapeutic exercise is intended to be done alone or with someone you trust in a safe and private place. This exercise is advised as long as you are not threatening anyone, hurting yourself or anyone else, or being destructive.

Clear your bed of all pillows. Lie on your back, making fists. Raise each leg straight, not bent, and slam the back of your heels into the mattress one leg at a time, alternating very quickly. As your legs move, add in your arms. Pound your fists on the bed, with your arms straight so that you hit the bed next to your hips. Turn your head back and forth rapidly from side to side, like a child lying on the ground having a temper tantrum. Open your mouth and yell. Wag your tongue around. Kick and yell like this until you are exhausted. It will shake out the chronic muscular tensions all over your body, in your hips, shoulders, neck, and throat. Afterward, you will feel very relaxed.

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Excerpt from Emotional Utopia, Stop Searching for Happiness and Start Living It

Emotional Utopia, the book by Leah Benson, LMHC

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