A Simple Tool to Feel More and Breathe More Deeply
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Stability Ball Breathing

Demonstration of stability ball bioenergetic exercise

Stability Ball Breathing

Breathe More, Feel More

One of the most fundamental exercises of bioenergetics involves opening up muscular contractions in your chest. This allows you to breathe more fully. And if you breathe more, you feel more.

Lean backwards over a stability ball, the arm of a couch, a pile of pillows on the floor, or a breathing stool. Open up your chest and breathe deeply and calmly. Relax your pelvis, bend your knees and plant your feet on the floor. Reach with your arms parallel to the ground, perhaps grasping the back of a chair. Continue this exercise for a minute or more. If you want to go deeper, open your jaw and mouth, and breathe intensely for 3-5 minutes. Pull the air in and push it out. Focus on your exhale. Come out of this pose slowly to a standing position. Then bend over in a grounding pose for a minute or more to relieve any stress from the back bend. Breathe slowly and calmly. When you’re ready, roll up slowly, one vertebra at a time. Notice your emotions and how your body feels.

It’s common to close down your breathing if you don’t want to feel. Increasing the depth of your breathing may bring up feelings of longing, falling in love, or sadness. Want to feel more? Call me. We’ll talk and I’ll teach you how.

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