Grounding Pose - Be Somebody - Improve Your Standing in Life
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What is a Grounding Pose?

Leah Benson Therapy illustrates the grounding pose bioenergetic exercise

What is a Grounding Pose?

The grounding pose is a fundamental bioenergetic exercise.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.  Bend at the hips. Bend your knees slightly. Let your fingertips hang toward the ground. Breathe deeply and easily. Let your head hang heavy like a bowling ball. Let your arms hang loose. Allow your body to vibrate if you feel it. Hold this pose for at least a minute or more.

The psychological purpose of the grounding pose is to build your capacity for feelings in your body. To experience the strength and reliability of your legs under stress.

Alexander Lowen describes grounding in his book, The Way to Vibrant Health.

He says, “To be grounded is another way of saying that a person has his feet on the ground. It can also be extended to mean that a person knows where he stands and therefore that he knows who he is. Being grounded, a person has “standing,” that is, he is “somebody.””

Want to build your standing in life? Want to feel like “somebody?” Give me a call. We’ll talk and I’ll teach you how.

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