We Grow Old Because We Stop Playing

We don’t stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing. (George Bernard Shaw)

Do you know how to play?

What Does It Mean to Play?

If someone asked you, do you know how to play, would you know what they mean? Would you wonder, do I know how to play what?

It’s an odd question to ask an adult, no doubt. But can you? Can you play?

How to Play

Here’s the thing, in order to really play, you have to be willing to follow your heart for at least a short time. You can’t be thinking there’s any point to what you’re doing other than to feel the experience of it.

And that means you have to let yourself do something pointless.

Do you ever let yourself do something pointless?

we grow old because we stop playing

Do you build time into your life for pointless enjoyment of whatever your heart desires?

And I don’t mean getting drunk or gambling to numb out from all the stress of life, or golfing to network. I mean, do you give yourself time to feel the pleasure of some activity that has no point whatsoever except to enjoy it?

If you’re feeling old, I bet you don’t. in fact, I bet the idea doesn’t even make sense to you

But if you want to enjoy your life over the long term, it needs to make sense to you.

Here’s why.

Why It Matters If You Can Play

Stiffness as a sign of age is the direct result of becoming less flexible. Not only literally, but mentally as well. When your mind is stiff and stuck, your body reflects that, and vice versa.

Your ability and capacity to play will keep you young at heart, but also young feeling in your body.

You don’t have to endure the ravages of old age. Simple practices to maintain flexibility will go a long way to improving the way you feel well into your elderly years.

Interested to know more about how to learn to play and enjoy your life?

Contact me.

We’ll talk.

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