Joy isn't in Things, It's In Us - The Essence of True and Lasting Happiness
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Joy Is Not In Things; It Is In Us

Photo of 2 horsemen on a trail with text, "Joy isn't in Things, It's In Us"

Joy Is Not In Things; It Is In Us

True and Lasting Happiness

True and lasting happiness is not dependent on circumstances. It is an internal experience of life. A state of well-being and contentment. You probably know it when you feel it, but how does it break down into parts?

As I have shared in my book, Emotional Utopia, it breaks down into the following parts:

Having the peace of mind that comes with being able to acknowledge and accept all your feelings all the time. Having enough natural energy to get through the day. And having the ability to feel both the ups and downs of life without being overwhelmed or crushed by them.

Curious about the happiness that eludes you? Give me a call. We’ll talk.