You Can't Decide How You're Going To Feel, You Can Only Notice
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Tears Come From the Heart and Not From the Brain

Tears come from the heart and not from the brain. Quote by Leonardo da Vinci - photo of a flower.

Tears Come From the Heart and Not From the Brain

Thinking isn’t feeling

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you can decide how you feel.

  • I shouldn’t love this guy.
  • I shouldn’t still feel sad about losing my dog.
  • I shouldn’t feel angry at…

But the reality is that you can’t decide how you feel. You can only notice how you feel and decide what to do based on that feeling.

Your actions may be governed by conscious thought, but feeling is a spontaneous experience. You do not control it. It MOVES you.

Feeling is sensation

Once you notice feeling, you can let yourself express it or you can stifle it.

That’s because feelings and emotions in your body are literally the movement of energy. Whether you are aware of them or not, they are there.

But when you stifle a feeling, you deaden your body. And when you deaden your body, you can’t feel anything–no pain, no sadness, no joy.

Stifling feeling will keep you from enjoying life. It will take your pleasure and make you sick.

Express your heartfelt feelings

If your heart is feeling tearful, let the feelings move. If it’s feeling joyful, let the feelings move. Your brain may want to make you stifle your natural impulses to protect you from ridicule or humiliation. But let your heart be free anyway.

If you can be brave enough to let your heart be free, a joyful exprience of life is just around the corner.

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