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When Bioenergetics Doesn't Work

When Bioenergetics Doesn’t Work

Some Truth about Bioenergetics Yes, folks. I’m suggesting that sometimes Bioenergetics doesn’t work. “How can that be?”, you might wonder,  “Don’t you believe in your product, …

To Be Happy - "Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." James Baldwin

Why Should You Face Your Feelings? Answer: To Be Happy

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. Quote by James Baldwin Isn’t There an Easier …

Be kind to your self. Leah Benson Therapy YouTube video
Self Confidence

Learn How to Be Kind To Yourself and Why You Should Be

Be kind to yourself. I often say “be kind to yourself” when people are walking out of my office. And the reason I do that …

B/W photo of woman.

Calm Down – There’s Nothing Wrong with You. It’s All in Your Head

Stop worrying, they say. Ever had the experience that everybody thinks your pain or distress is “all in your head?” What a terrible feeling. Not …

Photo of 2 horsemen on a trail with text, "Joy isn't in Things, It's In Us"

Joy Is Not In Things; It Is In Us

True and Lasting Happiness True and lasting happiness is not dependent on circumstances. It is an internal experience of life. A state of well-being and …

Big white question mark on blue background
Therapy Process

Learn How a Therapist can Inadvertently Steal Your Money

A while back, I wrote a blog explaining why therapists don’t answer questions, and while none of what I said in that blog has changed, …

A color photo of mountains and a river with a quote from Freud, "Being Entirely Honest with Oneself is a Good Exercise"

Being Entirely Honest with Oneself is a Good Exercise

Being entirely honest with yourself means listening to that little voice in your head that says, “I really shouldn’t marry this woman/guy.” Only when you …

Photo of man on horse with mule in tow.

Self-Possession is the Only Real Possession

Self-possession is the state or feeling of being calm, confident, and in control of your feelings and composure. You only have one real possession, and …

Happiness Tampa -Leah Benson Therapy
Emotional Success

Emotional Utopia: Fantasy, Or… ?

Emotional Utopia. Isn’t Utopia a fantasy? It might be. But that depends on your definition of perfection.

self confidence - Leah Benson Therapy
Self Confidence

How To Build Self Confidence

You want self confidence? That solid feeling of trust in who you are, what you can do, and the decisions you make? Here’s how you get it


Emotional Utopia Book by Leah Benson, Tampa Licensed Psychotherapist
Emotional Utopia Book by Leah Benson, Tampa Licensed Psychotherapist


Guiding Highly Motivated Individuals, Couples, and Groups to Peak Emotional Success

No matter what emotional success means to you – feeling happier more often, gaining greater peace of mind, having better relationships, saving your marriage, getting control of your emotions, overcoming an obstacle, or improving your self-confidence – you’ve come to the right place. Leah Benson will take you through her innovative, effective, and proven method to the results you’re looking for.

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