Anger Management

A Unique Approach To Anger Management

My approach to anger management is a little bit different from what you’ll find anywhere else. And I will explain why.

So, What Does it Mean to Control Your Anger?

Well, obviously, and quite simply, it means that you don’t perpetrate violence on anyone, or anything. But beyond that, it means that you have the ability to recognize angry feelings in your body and that you can control the words you say and the actions you take.


The Secret To Controlling Anger

Controlling your anger means not only being able to keep from taking violent action when angry feelings are stoked up in your body by some outside influence. It also means being able to generate aggressive feelings and actions in a controlled environment in order to build and discharge angry energy that is currently locked up inside you from all the previous times you quelled the angry beast that wanted to burst forth in violent action.

Let me say that again.

Controlling your anger includes finding appropriate times and places to stoke the fire of your aggressive energy and discharging it. Even if at first it makes you feel stupid to do so.

That’s because you’re not really in control of something if you can’t make it come when you call it, now are you?

anger management
Got a dog that won’t come when you call it?

Who’s in charge there? It’s the same with anger.

The less you recognize it in yourself, and the more you “control” it by forcing it underground, the more likely it is going to come out in violent words and actions.

So, if you want to be someone who truly controls your anger rather than pretending it doesn’t exist and losing control when something triggers it, give me a call. We’ll talk.

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