I Have Everything and I’m Still Unhappy

Have you ever said to yourself, “I have everything and I’m still unhappy?”

You have the car(s), the house(s), the spouse and kids, the money, the vacations, the health, the friends, the social life. Everything you thought you could ever want, you have it. Success has been yours. And still, you are not happy.

Nothing Helps

Earnestly, you have tried medication, yoga, therapy. But none of it worked. Also, you exercise regularly, but it doesn’t really change anything.

Sometimes you think, what’s the point? Then you go through life with a general feeling of discontent, blankness, meaninglessness, or unhappiness.

This Is Why

Here’s the bottom line. You are not fully connected to all of your emotions.

The full extent of your inner self, your spirit, that non-physical part of you that is the seat of your emotions and character eludes your consciousness.  Because of that, you are unhappy. You are not expressing, exploring, nor creating to your full capacity.

The Answer

As we know from ancient eastern teachings and current medical research, our minds and bodies are one. The answer you are looking for lies within this fact. The emotions that elude you are found in the unconscious part of your mind and they are also lodged in the musculature of your body in chronic tensions. Psychotherapy will bring you insight into the “whys” of your experience and some relief. Work with the body will bring you temporary relief from chronic tensions and necessary energetic discharge. Engaging in work that strategically combines these two elements will bring about the resolution you are seeking.

Bioenergetic psychotherapy combines these two elements.

There is an answer. It lies within you. Finding it is a journey. The good news is you have achieved material success. Congratulations. You now have the wherewithal to provide for the journey necessary to achieve the emotional success that has been eluding you. 

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