The Mind and Body are Not Separate - What Does That Mean?
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Mind and Body are Not Separate

Mind and Body are Not Separate

What does it mean, the mind and body are not separate? Basically, what that means is the mind influences the body and the body influences the mind. Thoughts can influence what happens in your body and what happens in your body can influence your thoughts.

We’ve known that for a really long time. A few examples include Galen, Takuan Soho, Frederick Matthias Alexander. But more recently, scientific research is proving that the mind and body are not separate.

Working With the Body to Address Problems of the Mind

And to address the problems of the mind, it’s almost impossible without working with the body. For instance, lots of people think that anxiety is happening in their heads. While it is true that part of anxiety is repetitive fearful thoughts, the body is having very distinct physiological symptoms; you’re sweating, your heart is racing, or you’re not breathing or both. Everything that is manifested in anxiety is a physical symptom. That’s not to say that the thoughts aren’t there but that physiologically, anxiety is a very particular physiological state. On the other hand, depression is also a physiological state. It is a depression of the metabolic fire, if you will.

So, when I say the mind and body are not separate, they are fundamentally linked and integrated. And in order to help you with the problems of the mind, it’s important to work with and through your body.

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