Why Mental Problems Seem Like Such a Mystery

It’s Not “Genetic”

Popular culture likes to believe that mental problems are the result of bad genes or a person being a “bad seed.”

Or some other fantastical theory about how there’s something fundamentally “wrong” with the person.

Well, newsflash: This is completely false. For many reasons.

First – Gene expression is determined by the environment.
Second – The environment is determined by caregivers. Not children.
Third – Your foundational psyche and personality are developed in the first seven years of your life. And it is developed IN RELATIONSHIP!

In fact, a child’s genome is not actually completed until the age of 18-24 months. So, again. No. Mental problems are not “genetic.”



Not sorry.

Environment Factors That Lead To Mental Problems

One type of “small cause that escapes us” and “determines a considerable effect that we cannot ignore” is a refusal to recognize and validate the feelings of a child.

Make no mistake, I’m not suggesting that anyone let their child ACT any way they want.

What I am saying is that when feelings are not acknowledged or are rejected. Then, a child rejects a part of themself.

When this happens, you have a child who fundamentally dislikes themself.

And if this happens enough times, over a long enough period of time, you have a child with low self-confidence and low self-esteem.

How Mental Problems Turn Into Behavioral Problems

So now, the child with baseline low confidence and low self-esteem is going to compensate for those deficits as they try to live with their “unacceptable” self.

They will either look neurotic and be poor at socializing. Or they will be an “ADHD” behavior problem or worse. A bully.

And now you know. There is no mystery about why a child is neurotic or out of control.

Don’t kid yourself.

A very small cause which escapes us determines a considerable effect which we cannot ignore, and then we say that this effect is due to chance.

It isn’t chance.

And YOUR mental problems are no less mysterious.

So, if you want to work on them. I’d be happy to help.

Call me.

We’ll talk.

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