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Handle Your Feelings
Mental Health Triggers

How You Learn To Handle Your Feelings

The way you learn to handle your feelings is, first, by learning all the tricks to “manage” them with mindfulness and will power. You can learn and practice those on your own all day, every day.

emotions never die
Mental Health Triggers

Be Cautious About What You Hide

Be cautious about what you hide. “Unexpressed emotions will never die.They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” Sigmund Freud Are …

What is Trauma

What Is Trauma?

When you think, “trauma,” I bet you picture the emergency room in a hospital. Head injuries, blood, stuff like that. While that is definitely trauma, it’s not what we mean in the therapy world.

re: Mental Illness doesn’t breed killers, anger does

re: Mental Illness Doesn’t Breed Killers, Anger Does

In April 2014, the Tampa Bay Times published a good article in which the author did an excellent job of explaining that anger, not mental …

Rachel Canning

What Rachel Canning (the NJ teen who sued her parents) Can Teach Us

Last week the news was flooded with stories about Rachel Canning. If you missed it, she is the 18 year-old New Jersey girl who moved out of her parents’ house and then sued them for child support and access to a college fund she believed belonged to her.

Why Can't I Control My Anger
Anger Management

Why Can’t I Control My Anger?

If you have ever asked yourself, why can’t I control my anger, then I have some answers for you.


Emotional Utopia Book by Leah Benson, Tampa Licensed Psychotherapist
Emotional Utopia Book by Leah Benson, Tampa Licensed Psychotherapist


Guiding Highly Motivated Individuals, Couples, and Groups to Peak Emotional Success

No matter what emotional success means to you – feeling happier more often, gaining greater peace of mind, having better relationships, saving your marriage, getting control of your emotions, overcoming an obstacle, or improving your self-confidence – you’ve come to the right place. Leah Benson will take you through her innovative, effective, and proven method to the results you’re looking for.

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