Life is Full of Good Feelings - When You Loosen Up You'll Feel Them
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Joy is your Birthright

Joy is your Birthright. Photo of a bee and flower.

Joy is your Birthright

Loosen up and feel joy

All feelings are your birthright. Joy happens to be one that you lose as you age.

That’s because you tighten up against the pain and heartbreak that are inevitable in life. Over time you get so tight that you stop feeling much of anything.

To regain your ability to feel joy, you’ll have to break down the protective tensions you’ve built up against pain.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, as you let down your protective armouring you’re going to feel the pain you’ve been avoiding.

It’s like physical therapy. The pain you feel is the requirment for regaining the functioning you had before the injury or surgery.

You don’t have to do it. No one is going to force you to regain what’s yours. But if you want the prize, you have to do the work.

The Good News

So why do the work? Why feel the pain?

Because life is full of good feelings that you can experience.

Every day has moments you can experience joyfully.

Your relationships will feel better. Your life will feel better.

Let go of tension and feel your joy.

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