Young boy pointing a toy pistol near the camera. Text says LEAH BENSON THERAPY
Child Development

How Can a Kid Kill?

With all the speculation out there right now about “mental health” and its relationship to mass shootings, I decided to answer the question, how can …

A color photo of mountains and a river with a quote from Freud, "Being Entirely Honest with Oneself is a Good Exercise"

Being Entirely Honest with Oneself is a Good Exercise

Being entirely honest with yourself means listening to that little voice in your head that says, “I really shouldn’t marry this woman/guy.” Only when you …

3D rendered illustration - male brain, vagus nerve, brain stem

Get to Know Your Vagus Nerve & Take Charge Of Your Mental Health

  What The Vagus Nerve Is And Why You Should Know About It Simply put, the Vagus nerve is your 10th cranial nerve. You have …

Photo of father and son at Anclote State Park. Quote, "Strong People are Tolerant People"

Strong People are Tolerant People

The truest test of your strength is revealed in your ability to tolerate intense feelings and refrain from acting on them in hurtful ways, toward …

Photo of person on beach at Big Sur

Comfort and Safety Through Body Psychotherapy

Achieve comfort and safety by using your body to regulate your energy. Research is bearing out the reality that the use of talk therapy alone …

Photo of man on horse with mule in tow.

Self-Possession is the Only Real Possession

Self-possession is the state or feeling of being calm, confident, and in control of your feelings and composure. You only have one real possession, and …


Emotional Utopia Book by Leah Benson, Tampa Licensed Psychotherapist

Get your anger under control today with an experienced anger management counselor.

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