5 Stress Reduction Techniques for Busy People - Leah Benson Therapy
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5 Stress Reduction Techniques for Busy People

5 Stress Reduction Techniques for Busy People

Trying to fit stress reduction into your busy schedule can be difficult

How can you possibly fit in a 20 minute mindfulness meditation when you already have so many things to do?

Here are 5 simple stress reduction techniques to pick from that will help you chill out fast:

drawing of hands twisting a towel by LEAH BENSON THERAPY

#1 – Twisting a Towel






drawing of man biting a towel by LEAH BENSON THERAPY

#2 – Biting a Towel









man pounding a sofa with a tennis racket

#3 – Pounding a bed or couch












child stretched over backwards on a stability ball

#4 – Breathing Over a Stability Ball
















None of these will take you more than 2 minutes to do if you do them with intensity. Not that you can do the grounding pose with intensity because it’s about letting go of tension. But being in the grounding pose for 2 minutes can be pretty intense.

Here’s why these simple stress reduction techniques work:

The reason these techniques are effective at reducing your stress is because they will stimulate the “relaxation” part of your nervous system. It’s the natural outcome of both breathing deeply, and tensing and releasing your muscles.

Truth be told, if you want a longer term solution to stress, anxiety, or depression, you’re going to have to devote more than 2 minutes to your practice. That’s because the road to lasting happiness, peace of mind and confidence, requires a devotion to the practice of achieving those goals.

But since you’re not here to learn about lasting happiness, peace of mind or acquiring confidence, I’ll leave you with this.

When you want to feel better before you move on to the next thing, and you only have 2 minutes, give one of these simple relaxation techniques a try.

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