Why Successful People Go To Psychotherapy

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Why Successful People Go to Psychotherapy

Successful people go to psychotherapy because they know that if they invest in themselves, they will be more effective at what they do, enjoy themselves more, and have more satisfying relationships with the important people in their lives. Psychotherapy is not only for people who have suffered trauma or who can’t function in their daily lives, just like exercising is not only for people who are morbidly obese or who need physical therapy.

Would you consider not brushing your teeth and not taking a shower or grooming yourself most days? Probably not. That’s because you are self-respecting, successful person. You were taught methods as a child for getting rid of the build-up of daily life from your body.

Eliminating Psychological Build-Up

Well, guess what. Even self-respecting, successful people have psychological build-up. Since you are so successful, you manage it well. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there, and isn’t robbing you of smoother sailing each day. Going through the process of eliminating that build-up and getting comfortable and competent at methods to release it is how you will remain “successful” through the most stressful times of your life.

The Stigma of Psychotherapy

The stigma of psychotherapy comes from a fantasy that if you reveal your vulnerabilities to anyone, you are weak. It’s baloney. The strongest, most self-confident and competent people in the world confront and embrace their vulnerabilities in the presence of another person. There are plenty of successful 60 year-olds out there who rely on an ever changing cocktail of drugs to get through the day and night and wish they’d gone to therapy 30 years ago.

You are successful; but because of the nature of the human psyche, there are parts of yourself that your are unaware of, that are influencing you in ways you don’t know about. They diminish your effectiveness, your joy and your spontaneity. They keep your relationships from being as satisfying as they could be.

As a successful person, you have not shied away from challenging tasks in order to reach your goals. Why would you stop now? When you are the most effective, happy person you can be, you give the people you love the greatest possible gift you could give them.

Want to give the greatest gift ever?  Call me, we’ll talk.

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